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We're an animation & design studio proudly based in Lisbon. We’re unapologetically simple and authentic. 
Let's make great work for good people to feel, inspire, and share with others.

Ali Abbas

Founder and CEO

Ali is an Award-winning animation generalist and working in the creative industry for 10 years. In his career, He worked as a designer for 6 years then his work evolved to the animation side of things. With wider interests in visual development, game design, and writing, his style encourages the world to be a little more curious.

Yam Wolter

Partner - Deutschland

Yam has over a decade of advertising and art direction experience on both the agency and client-side. She is passionate about relationship-building and creative problem-solving with a cup of coffee in hand, of course. Outside of work, you can find her traveling the earth or enjoying the latest vegan food spot in town.  

Feryel Arbi

Partner - MENA Region

Feryel may seem like your regular Art director but in reality, she is just a space vampire who tricked her fellow fronds. A lady-fern by day and picture book illustrator by night her creative passion is narrative storytelling by focusing on the development of elaborate characters and environments. Beware of opening the pandora box of fantasy novels and series.


Our team of in-house video animation experts has precisely the skills to bring your project to life. Whatever your needs, dream big and together we’ll use the power of animation to realize your imagination.

Selected Clients

- Janison Education

- M-box 

- Creativa

- Signa films

- Westpac Bank

- Yam films

- Aurat Raaj

- GAP Business

- Adonis Oil


- Oxfam NL


- Razor Videos

- B&F Global

- Gamelab Berlin

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